The Age of Division

The Age of Division, volume two of my history of Christendom, has now been released by Ancient Faith Publishing.

age-of-divison-paradise-and-utopia__10546.1604940730Building on The Age of Paradise, it carries the story of the rise and fall of what the West once was beyond the first millennium. Opening with events surrounding the fateful Great Schism of 1054, it follows efforts by the papacy to impose a thorough-going reform of Western Christendom. In addition to improving the spiritual quality of church life, the Papal Reformation also unleashed other forces including the crusades and, more indirectly but tragically, a penitential piety that slowly eroded the place of paradise within Western culture.

The book also tells the story of Eastern Christendom during this period, when the Fourth Crusade and the Turkish onslaught finally brought Constantinople to its knees. Nevertheless, in Russia the Orthodox Church continued to nurture the culture of the old Christendom, despite growing isolation from the West and the depredations of Ivan the Terrible.

The Age of Division concludes with a reflection on the sixteenth-century Protestant Reformation, which both continued the process of transformation begun by the papacy in the eleventh century and, in very significant ways, brought it to an end.

For those interested in obtaining a copy, the book can be found at the Ancient Faith Store and Amazon.

5 thoughts on “The Age of Division

  1. I am currently on part three of “The Age of Division” and can’t put it down. This volume takes the reader through a strikingly profound journey of (quite often) neglected history. It is a history which bears incredible significance on the development of Western Civilization and our own personal struggle to understand our place in the world we are born into. G.K. Chesterton said that learning history is the only thing that keeps us from becoming slaves to the spirit of the age. Through this seminal work, John Strickland is setting hearts and minds free from the “spirit of the age” by sharing a vision of beauty, which is both transcendent and immanent, and because of this, it is large enough to begin to heal the wounds of the last thousand years.

    Thank you Fr. John, for taking us on this amazing journey with you! I’m excited to order volume three as soon as it is released and continue the journey 🙂

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