From Blog (and Podcast) to Book

Readers of my blog have been asking why I have not added posts for a long while. And indeed, it has been a long while! The reason has been that during the past year and a half I have busy writing a book on the history of Christendom. Age of Paradise CoverSimply put, the subject has been so engrossing that I have not come up for air. Until now. Finally the writing and editing process are completed, and The Age of Paradise is scheduled for release by Ancient Faith Publications later this month.

The book is the first of four projected volumes that will trace the history of the West from Pentecost to the present, or, put differently, from the catacombs to the culture wars. Like the content of my blog and podcast, it is a study of what I call “paradise and utopia”–a civilization and supporting culture that directs its members toward the transformation of the world. The West in which we live was founded on these ideals, on these core values, even though they in many ways are at odds with one another.

If you would like to learn more about the book and the thinking that gave rise to it, check back with this website soon. I will be contributing posts to it more regularly now, at least until it is time to take another large breath and dive into the writing of volume two!