The Age of Paradise

Paradise and Utopia is my name for the history of the rise and fall of what the West one was. It is the story of Christendom, which has always been the cradle, the tutor, and even the guardian of Western civilization. Even in modern times, when the heavenly orientation of Christendom has long been forgotten, the West continues under the influence of its imperative to transform the world.

Age of Paradise Cover

The history of Christendom is a long story, and it requires four distinct volumes to tell it. The first volume is entitled The Age of Paradise and was released in 2019. It tells the history from its beginnings in the first century until the close of the first millennium just prior to the Great Schism of 1054. The second book, The Age of Division, has now been written and is scheduled for release at the end of 2020. Two more volumes, The Age of Utopia and The Age of Nihilism, have yet to be written.

Each of these books stands alone and can be read without the others, though the effect of reading them in sequence will be greater. Each is a distinct work of research and contains material not found in this blog or my accompanying podcast. Together, they tell a story of our culture, our civilization, that has long been neglected and is frequently forgotten.